New HDMI port pins do not align

Hi , i have a PS4 here which needs a new hdmi port , i have bought 2 now from 2 different suppliers but the pins do not line up with the pads , is there more than 1 type ?

can u upload a picture?

Hi , It says I can’t insert images in a post , here is a link to the same question i asked over on ifixit , there’s a photo on there .
Lol , i can’t put a link either ,

copy this into google and it should take you there…

Is there more than 1 style hdmi port ifixit

which version of ps4 do you have?

Hi the board is SAB -001 , original PS4 , i have bent the mounting pins to shift the whole thing over , it is attached and working ok now , not ideal but no choice …

another option not to bend pins is to bend the 4 legs all to same side, it works for me twice… nice to hear it’s working now.!

Sorry ,that’s what I meant the 4 legs .

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For the link obviously you can’t insert it so you need to alter the link like given special character such as “space” or “()” on one of the sentence of the link. For the case that you can’t upload the picture, first of all if are using VPN turn it off first and second restart your PC. I’ve encounter this kind of issue such can’t upload image, after i restart, voila, now i can upload the picture