New Nintendo 3DS - 3D and Camera issue

Hi all! And hope everyone’s doing fine.

So, I have my New 3DS right here that I have played with very extensively back in the days, and had developed this issue regarding that if I turn on 3D, it appears as if there’s some screen tearing, and most notably that it displays an error that Super Stable 3D is not functioning as well as the inner camera not detecting me.

The same can also be said with the outer cameras – whenever I launch the camera app, the system freezes and I need to reboot it. My guess is that the camera ribbon inside has been partially ripped. (maybe even totally ripped)

Is the problem just with the camera ribbon? Or is there also a problem with the 3D ribbon too?
I would really like to hear from you guys since I plan to repair it on my own in the near future and order the parts online. Thank you very much!