New Nintendo 3DS - Dent with Screw on PCB

I have a New Nintendo 3DS Xl and I opened it up to change the analog stick cap(or whatever its called), everything went according to plan with the exeption of the last thing, while I was putting the screws back(the ones for the plastic case that holds the battery) I put one of the screws in the wrong place (where the short screws from the top cover go into, there are 2 at the top, left right), and because of the screw I have created a small dent on the motherboard PCB on the right side, I’ve noted that because of this the camera doesn’t work anymore. It’s notable that the “dent” is not that deep which suprises me that it had such effects. At first I thought the camera ribbon or connector had a problem, but they are intact.

I’ve tried to get another 3ds used and use a multimeter to test different traces of a perfectly working motherboard, and maybe bridge my motherboard with the dent but I haven’t been able to find much. It will be a shame to have a “perfectly working 3DS” with all components good and only 1 trace ruined.

I have images with the damage but it doesn’t seem like I can to add the images here.
Thanks in advance to anyone that can help!