New system same hard drive

Since I can’t get any feedback on my detailed question I ask this to see if I can get an answer. Can I buy a new PS4 and take the hard drive out of the one that keeps looping to safe mode, put it in the new PS4 and have everything work right?

In idea to use the old data from the previous ps4 on the new one: No.

From my knowledge the hdds/sdds are unique encrypted by every ps4. So a swapped drive is not accessible by an other ps4 system due to unmatching encrytion keys.

Thanks for the reply. The reason I ask is in another thread I read the Pro motherboard is not “mated” to the system and by that I hoped that meant that hdd encryption wasn’t imposed. This sucks. Been down for a month now and we do not have a smart TV so no HBO, Peacock, etc using our PS3. We could use a new TV but getting the PS4 back up is priority.
I wish someone had suggestions on my original long post. It want to run for a while after sitting for days. I can get into accounts and even start games, apps then it shuts down and starts looping to safe mode again.