Nintendo 2ds faulty connector.... Throw away? Easy fix? thoughts

Hi! ntf
I have looked everywhere to see if I can fix a new 2ds XL myself but no luck so far.
Long story short: My son broke the top screen of his 2ds xl and I successfully replaced it.
However when putting the nintendo back I broke one of the ribbon cable connectors and now the 2ds will not power on unless I apply pressure to said connector
I have no idea what this connector is for but I know that its the only thing stopping me from having a fully functional 2ds
any ideas?

thanks in advance
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Edit 2: I think I found a way
just add photos. google. com before this link

Hola! If I remember correctly that is a backlight Ribbon cable for top screen. It is very fragile and you must not pull it when removing the ribbon. 2DS/3DS won’t boot if the ribbon is not connected. Pretty much everyone breaks the connector on the first time :slight_smile:

You can put a thin piece of plastic between the ribbon and the connecor latch and secure it with a piece of tape on top if it.

Then test if the 2DS keeps the power on when you shake and smack ”lightly” the console.

Good luck!

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Hi Tonike, thanks for your reply
Yup it seems that its the backlight connector. and I have tried putting hot melt glue to it with no luck.
Is there anyone here that might offer a repair service? OR can this connector be replaced?

Hi! I hate those connectors. They can be replaced, but they can be a bit tricky. I think to do it properly you would need a hot air station to heat from below. I have done one with a combination of soldering iron and epoxy before, but its not ideal.

Any idea on where I can find said connector? or whats it called?

I got them here, though seem to be unavailable now…

10PCS LCD Touch Screen Socket Connector Plug Part for Nintendo New 3DS XL LL 4Pin Display Screen Clip.

Cant post links, but it was aliexpress /_mP9lswR

Damn, I cant find them using your description on alixpress…
Where are you located? maybe I can buy one of off you if you still have one?

OK I found them but they are sold out, and those are the ones I need…

Also found some on ebay in the UK, not sure where they post too though.

www ebay co uk

You will have to fix the link up…

It also shows up on the US ebay:

www ebay com

Thanks, it does not ship to the US but I found a prime option on amazon… 8 bucks for ONE piece
but I guess thats the rule on the supply and demand world

Ouch! Yeah, I have had to buy similar before…

Have just spotted then for sale here too:
£1.49 | FA1004SA1-R8000 FFC, FPC (Flat Flexible) Connectors CONN FPC 4POS 0.50MM R/A
a. aliexpress. com

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