Nintendo Pro [PowerA] Controller, finding the right joystick

Hi everyone ! First and foremost, it seems I can’t link websites or media yet, so if you have anyway for me to share you pictures, let me know.

I’ve been trying to fix a PowerA controller joystick issue, but it seems I can’t get to find the right joystick for them. I have one of the controller that look like one of the following, although it is not shown on their site :
Power A website,
Product brand,
Legend of Zelda

I tried to order couple of 3dReplacement joystick but it seems the rod don’t fit my actual joystick cap. So I’m wondering if I just don’t have the right one, or if the the actual Joystick caps of my controller are simply custom made “not to fit” general replacement part. Should I order any 3Djoystick that come with a cap and I should be fine ?

I have about 6 pictures that I could be sharing but it is preventing me to do so.

If anybody happens to have tips or tricks to get this job done, please let me know. Would love to pay next coffee.

Thanks for helping others try to fix their issues !

Is it the stick itself that is broken or the pots? I fixed one of these by buying a normal ps4 / xbox stick and just swapping over the pot that was faulty. I had to slightly customise the casing of it with a scalpel, as the little dots were it slightly different locations, but once in it worked well.

Hi Insomniac! I’ve got some PS4 parts right here and it feels like it would be the same, but the joystick caps would not fit on the actual stickboxes, so I thought maybe I have the wrong part ?

I could try replacing only the pots I guess ? Unsoldering the old ones and soldering these ?

Or are you suggesting to pry them open to exchange the rings inside them ?

Thank you


No need to go digging inside the pots, I just swapped the pots over. The issue was that there are 3 little bumps that are meant to line up with some holes on the side of the stick, and one of them didn’t. So I just looked at which ones were stopping it going in, and cut them off.

This is the pot from one of my replacement sticks, I don’t have the old one to compare it too now.