Nintendo switch, audio jack not working

Hi all!
Im working on a Switch but im stuck at this (simple?) problem…
The audio jack is not working correctly, when i insert the headphone the audio continue to exit from the console, and the little audio icon remains on speaker mode.
I exluded a motherboard issue using another know good cartridge/jack doughterboard, and it seems all good and working.
I tried soldering a new connector jack with no results.
I desolder the little smd and, from left to right, they measure 0,9 / 0,9 / OL / 0,9 / 0,9 / 1,135Mohm, compared with the working one these values seems correct.
Im thinking the problem is hideing on this doughterboard, but i cant find it…
Can someone help me, please?

I would start by checking continuity from the 5 pins on the jack to the connector area. If they all arrive at the connector I would take a good look at the connector for any damaged pins, and make sure it clicks into place nicely when it is fitted.

Mostly is the ribbon flex tears broken, check continuity from the jack to the male connector

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i knew it!!!
i was in the right direction, for some reason i only found the red one not present on the motherboard connector, but in the end i was missing the green one also.
stupid multimeter gave me a false positive, i think…
now its workinkg like new!
thanks man, really!

i have another one with the game slot not working, maybe is the same stupid problem… ill let you know!

apparently, the ribbon cable is more fragile than i thought… i just finished repairing the third one using your pinout XD
thanks @jkyoho

I know! Nintendo realized this stupidness connection until they switch to a full size daughter board with everything SMD solder on and a more rigid connector on the OLED model