Nintendo Switch battery clip (5 pin) has come off motherboard:-(

Hi, could you please tell me if the 5 pin battery clip is only soldered to the board by the metal side clips and the terminals just rest on the board contacts or does each pin need to be soldered to the board?Alternatively, can anybody tell me which wires on the battery lead (2 red + 2 black and 1 grey) should be soldered to which test points in order to avoid the micro soldering required in order to replace 5 pin battery clip back on the mobo.

Your advice would be appreciated.

I would try to use both leads of BAT+ and BAT- to obtain the original wire width for the battery.

BAT- and thermo sensor test points are here:

BAT+ testpoint is on the backside. (383 mV)

Thank you so much for your help Calvin, it is my 11yo grandsons Switch and I have bought the spare battery clip but thought that by pre-wiring the clip and then hot glueing it to the board it would be easier. So, are you saying the single grey wire from clip pin to pad 601, one green to green pad? But what about red wire from battery, where would that go?

Thanks again Calvin.


The red wire should make contact with the testpoint at the backside where the 383 is written.

Thanks very much for your help Calvin. :+1:

I thought about the battery contact again.
I would be very carefull with soldering the wires to the connector.
Normaly the solderpads stabilize the battery contacts if the battery is plugged in. With the heat of the soldering iron it is very easy to get this pins untightened and then it maybe not possible to make contact with the battery, because the plug pushes the contacts out of the socket.

Thanks Calvin, I have found a place in Northamptonshire which repairs Switch for £50. 12 months guarantee. I will give them a go. Thanks for helping. Tony.