Nintendo switch black screen but on dock works good

Hi , im have problems with nintendo switch I turn on just have black screen and soun , l try on dock works very good ,

I Already try new display same problem ,conector lcd looks good
any idea what it could be?

If LCD connector and LCD itself are good, I would first check if it is the LCD itself, or the backlight that is not working. If you have the back off, you can see if the backlight is on though the gap the backlight connector comes though. Or you can check if the LCD is running by shining a light on the screen and looking closely to see if an image is being displayed.
If the backlight is off, I would first check to see if you are getting any voltage at the connector, if not I would suspect the BL driver IC.
If the BL is working, I would check for 5v and -5v at the LCD driver IC.

I already try new display and backlight is working

Ok, so next I would look at 8316 chip next to the LCD connector.

Check for 5v and -5v on VOUT1 and 2, if they are missing check for 1.8v on the enable.

Not have just. .825 not even have 1 volt

Is that on the outputs? I would suspect that chip then.

You are best already working


Now have Second nintendo switch to fix

bottom turn on and off not working,

Problem is not bottom or cable already try new one ,
Bottom - and + working good just power bottom

Check the connector first, then check the reisitors just above the connector.
There are two test pads down by the CPU, if you connect them with tweezers does it turn on then?

thanks for answering
Connector is good l check .
Reisitors l check too.

Two pads by cpu where are they?

Sorry but im new on nintendo switch repairs

Sorry, was on my phone before.