Nintendo switch black screen no shorts : switch took a bath

This for someone who is experience similar issues:

Switch Powers up. Normal charge and readings. Nothing on screen.

Tools hours of measuring diode reading and cannot figured what Wrong.

I started connecting one thing at a time and power unit unit every time I connected something. Boots normal and video on screen

Finally found out I have a 1 bad or shorted speaker. And 1 bad joy con rail connector.

Each problem causes it to have a black screen. Connect everything else and system running normal.

This just for people experiencing normal charge no shorts with black screen.

Hope this helps someone

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Thanks for the info

Out of interest, when you had this issue were you seeing the nintendo logo at boot or was it always a black screen?

Black screen only with backlight one. Charges normal at 0.4 then drop to 0 then jump to fast charge

ok, thanks for confirming