Nintendo Switch Blank Screen (No charging symbol either)

Hello my nintendo switch is not showing it charging and doesnt power on. When I put it in the dock, the light goes on for a second and then goes immediately goes off. I have tried powering it on and it is just a blank screen. I have tried going into rcm mode but that doesnt wortk either. I have tried doing a hard reset and it does not work. I have already replaced the battery and that has not fixed anything. My switch is currently reading at 0.47 Amps and 5V. The only other thing I can imagine it being is the LCD or the motherboard but I don’t know. Any ideas on how I could fix this?

Even with a defect LCD the reading should increase once the switch has booted - if this stays with 0.47A I would not assume a defect LCD.
You should check for any shorts, but this also could be a of these “non-fixable” switches where a defect in with the CPU etc.