Nintendo Switch Blue Screen of Death, Reballing SoC Nvidia Tegra!

Hello guys
I had a Switch with Blue Screen of Death. Believing it is bricket Switch, then the first thing i did was try “Unbricking the Nintendo Switch by Rebuilding the NAND” but without any result. Then i made a reball at the eMMC but the defect persists. I decided to make a reballing to “SoC Nvidia Tegra”. I ordered the stencil and started the procedure. After re-attachment the processor with new balls, the surprise was huge, the console started without problems. It’s my first raball on a Nintendo Switch. I used 0.35 balls. The temperature profile for the reball i used one for small laptop from Jovy. Find the stencil for whoever you want on aliexpress. I did not have any special problems during the process of raballing. Unfortunately i had no help filming everything from start to finish. I filmed alone with the phone when I could. Sorry for my bad English.


Nice work! I’ve fixed some of those with a reflow. Looks like you did a great job on the reball. Thanks for posting pics.

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Thank you very much Bro ! :heart_eyes:

Direct heating 8080 9090 ODNX02-A2 ODNX02 -A2 BGA Stencil Template

What temp and airflow did you use? How long did it take you? Were you using hot air or infrared station? I have a Blue screen now and I have tried to reflow with no success. I was using 250 degree around 5-6m

I use infrared station with a profile for laptop cpu. I recommend reball and not reflow.

Thx for reply. Just wanted to know if apu is the issue, cannot reball now since i dont have stencil yet.

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Do you have the video?, looks like it isn’t available any longer

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Excelente trabalho, parabéns!

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They closed my account and I don’t have it anymore