Nintendo Switch - boots to stage two, but doesn't charge

Faults: does boot to stage two, but the switch does not charge.


  1. 15V 0.027A on a usb meter.
  2. Port fuse is good.
  3. No shorts around the MT92 chip.
  4. Tested with the original battery and a new battery. Both batteries have a voltage of 3.9-4.0V.

Observations around BQ24193:

  1. VSYS capacitor was shorted, removed cap but short remained. Removed BQ24193 and short was gone.
  2. Replaced VSYS capacitor and BQ24193.

The BQ24193 chip was slighly wonky so I removed and resoldered

BQ24193 voltages are:
pin1 - 15v
pin2 - 0V
pin3 - 0V
pin4 - 0.004V

The switch is turning on and showing the charging symbol, but the battery percentage is DECREASING. In about 3 hours on charge the battery has gone from 69% to 58%.
Usb meter still shows: 15V 0.027A.

I have attached a screenshot showing diode mode readings. The left side shows readings from a switch that charges (15V 0.45A) and the right side shows readings from the switch that doesn’t charge.

FYI: the readings were added to copies of the same image.

OL indicates as if the chip was not well soldered. Check the soldering of the chip.