Nintendo Switch BQ24193 Shorted Caps ONLY When the Battery is Plugged In

Got a strange one here I haven’t seen before. I’m getting shorted capacitors around BQ24193, but only when the battery in the system is plugged in. When I unplug the battery, the shorts are gone. Bad battery right? Well I plugged another Switch battery into it, and while I don’t get shorts, the system will still not power up, only draw 14v/.50a. Has anyone seen that before? I can’t seem to find anything else amiss. No shorts around M92.

hey guy, im not an expert but you put it in dock as well? from videos i see regular 15v so you’re not far off. i’ve been hitting myself over and over; over a bad lcd connector. hopefully you find your fix

Thank you my friend, I think it’s hopeless.

You shouldn’t be checking for shorts while the battery is plugged in since even when the switch is off there is power in various locations which can appear as a short

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My guess is use a power supply instead of the battery and observe under a thermal cam.

I second this. I think checking for shorts with the battery is what made it worse