Nintendo Switch BSOD Fix - Reballing eMMC & SoC Nvidia Tegra!

A Nintendo Swich came into service with the blue screen of death (BSOD)
The first time i tried was a reball to the eMMC memory but without success. Then i turned my attention to the Nvidia Tegra SoC processor. This time after the reball the console came back to life. It is the second Switch that i successfully reball.
This time the footage is of better quality and more explicit. I hope to help those interested a little.
I apologize for my bad english.


WOW! great work man!

Can you share details like:
What temp did you use of hot hair?
Did you pre heat the board? to what temp and for how long?

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Hi fxdx. What did you use to remove the cpu? Hot air or infrared? How high was the temp?

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Jovy Infrared Reball station. 230 Celsius degrees. I used a profile from the station database for a laptop GPU. Total time 7 min.

Oh OK. Too bad my jovy infrared has been collecting dust for a very long time. It has an error. I contacted jovy support but nothing happend

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The company no longer exists.

man i was thinking of having my jovy fixed. i just pulled it out of the shelf and it don’t even turn on no more. before it was just giving me an error code. il try to open and check inside. mine is re7500 maybe its over 10 years old. was thining maybe its the logic board.

by the way what is the size of the solder balls you used on the switch cpu ?

the size of the solder balls is 0,35mm

hi fxdx, im thinking of trying to reball a cpu of a bosd nintendo switch lite that i have. I got some question though. I saw the video of your reball, and notice the stencil is direct heat, how did you manage to put the balls on the stencil? with out making a mess? also did you apply flux to the cpu before putting the balls?

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First you put flux on the processor and spread it well with a used plastic card, then apply the sieve, center it well on its architecture, glue the heat-resistant tape on the edges to keep it fixed, then put it in a plate and gently pour the balls over the sieve and with a spatula or even with your finger pass over the sieve to get balls everywhere. Surprisingly remove it carefully and recover the balls from the plate and put it back in the ball box.

watched your videos for quite some time an I now have got an soc that needs reballing.
It’s a t214 and I’m not sure which stencil to use.
There are quite some different informations on the internet and I don’t want to waste too much money choosing the wrong one.
Would you be so kind to help me out with an name or even a source?
Thank you

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Source where I bought it.

Direct heating 8080 9090 ODNX02 -A2 0.35MM BGA Stencil Template

Direct heating 80*80 90*90 ODNX02 A2 ODNX02 A2 0.35MM BGA Stencil Template|Replacement Parts & Accessories| - AliExpress

Direct heating 80*80 90*90 ODNX02-A2 ODNX10-A1 ODNX01-A2 0.35MM BGA Stencil | eBay

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I will give it a try.

cheers mate.

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