Nintendo Switch Capacitor Value

Hey guys,

Wondering if anyone has a donor board they’d be willing to measure the value of a capacitor for me on. If you see the attached photo, there is a capacitor that fell off of this Switch, probably when someone was working on it trying to replace the port before they brought it into my shop. I found the cap just rolling around in the housing, but it is unfortunately damaged, so I can’t just tack it back on. The capacitor is near the Right (from Front of Switch) speaker connector, so my guess is they bumped it when unplugging the speaker.

Actually apparently I can’t put images in a post… so here’s a link to an imgur upload instead. I can’t include links either?! Uhh… here’s a link anyway.

I just checked this component on a working board, it appears to be around 1.7nF

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Thanks Kilooo!
So 1700 pico farads or so?
I really appreciate you taking the time to help me out, thanks so much.