Nintendo Switch Charge at 0.47A and amp goes slowly down

Hi guys,

Did anyone got this problem ?

Got a switch that came with a no power no charge problem.

Seems that the usbc port and the P13USB were dead. I change it no short, everything good.

But when i plug the charger (official) i got 0.47A, ok M92 is dead too ? i change it 2 times, witch th BQ24, But it still the same it not start nor charge, begin a 0.47A and slowly goes down 0.46…0.45 etc…

Need your help, tx a lot :smiley:

Check the filters connected to P13. Should be continuity top to bottom but not diagonal.

the filters seems to be allright, continuity top to bottom.

The .46 whatever amp draw with no boot means there’s something interrupting the boot sequence. The last time I fixed that it was a tiny chip with a pin shorted to the ground pad underneath the chip. With the number of chips you changed out I’d check each solder joint very carefully and make certain each chip is properly seated.

ok tx i’ll try this !