Nintendo switch charging problem with its own charger

hello i got a nintendo switch that is not charging in his charging dock and with its charger but when put it with mobile phone charger its charging but at some point an ‘X’ appears after some times,when i unplug and replug the mobile phone charger it works but it takes a day to charge nearly full

please help !!!

Can Someone help me please ?

The original Nintendo 15v charger needs to talk to the m92t36 ic inside the Switch, before switching power on. A 5v charger, like your phone charger, works without talkback and is only slow charging.

I would check the pins inside the usb c port and at the m92t36 the cc pins for propper readings.

ok i will try and give you an update

i got the readings of voltage correctly

on usb c pin : 5v

on m92t36 : 1.5v

the m92t36 ic was recenty replaced

then i works for 2 days then i start getting this problem

do you think it can be battery ?

No, I don’t think so. The battery is managed by the bq ic and only handles the voltage which forwarded by m92t36. If 15v isn’t delivered from the charger mostly there is a problem with the cc lines or the m92t36 itself.

Did you check both orientations of the usb c plug?

i have checked both orientation of the usb c plug only one side is charging other side is not charging

I would check both cc lines for correct values. In the picture the values are in diode mode (with red probe on ground/black probe on the testpoint)

The reading in resistance mode should be around 5M ohms.

If the readings are both present, there should be a contact problem with the usb c port.
If one cc line has no value (oL or some odd reading) there maybe a problem with the soldering at the m92t36 or (if present on the board) with the double diode ic (the part right of the both testpoints).

can you tell me where exactly is located in the board

CC1 : i got 0.512
CC2: i got 0.514

Do you have a breakout board for usb c? It would be usefull to check if the lines are passing through the usb c port. Maybe the port is not full soldered or something inside the usb port prevent good contact.

no i don’t have broken nintendo switch board can you send me the schematics of bitmap for the charging

i got more reading than on the picture

cc1 : i got 510
789 : in first one i got nothing
in second one i got 574

where i need to get 510 i got 518 or 520

The reading depends on the multimeter you use. Other multimeter, other readings.
In the range +/- 10 it seems to be ok.

I would check the usb c port for loose pins and contacts.

One cc contact is missing, otherwise the Switch wound charge both ways around.

The missing 0.789 and the low 0.574 are the D+/D- for the usb communication. If those test points doesn’t have good readings, the Switch will not work in the dock.

all connection is ok but same problem

Please organize yourself a usb-c breakout board and check if both cc and d lines are going through the usb-c port.

Something like this: