Nintendo switch diagram

hello! does anyone have a diagram of the motherboard voltages for nintendo switch v1 i need to find a fuse and capacitor near the charging connector

unfortunately we still do not have them

but why do you care about the voltages, the fuse shall read 5/15V in and the Cap should also read the same

I have other motherboard of nintendo switch, you can tell me where i find a fuse with the same voltage? I need your help :pray::pray::pray:

if you really want that fuse you can just take it from the other board that you have. it’s the one above the usbc plug.

The problem is that the fuse is shorted on that board. I just need to know what fuse there is with the same voltage.

the only fuse you can find on the switch is that, if you have another board you can simply transplant and replace the shorted fuse.

You can also jump the fuse with a wire