Nintendo Switch Digitizer

Has anyone figured out how to get these new digitizers working properly? It seems that every Switch I work on they just wont work. I know that finding a game card reader may solve the problem but game card readers are hard to find and its a hit and miss. I came across a website that mentions that these china digitizers work only on game card readers that are populated with resistors just about the connector ribbon for the motherboard. For the most part that was true, but I found out, not always. A GC Reader without some of those resistors also worked with china digitizers, and some GC Readers with all the resistors, did not work with these digitizers.

Also some say the PCB color. The darker ones will work, but thats not always trure either.So I’m not sure what to do when replacing a digitizer. For the most part, they are not working. I believe Nintendo has 2 different types of digitizers but only one is available aftermarket. I found the connecter pinout is slightly different compared to the original digitizers. I believe its a ground missing on the new digitizers but now sure. If you look at the picture, at what I believe is testing as a ground block. The original Nintendo digitizer has 5 pins connected 3 on one side and 2 on the other. All the China digitizer has only 4. 2 on each side. This tells me right away, it will not work.

Not sure if gounding that pin would make it work. Looks like Nintendo has 2 types of digitizers but only 1 available aftermarket. Has anyone come up with a solution other than trying to find a game card reader that MIGHT work.?

I would post pictures or links but it says Im not allowed

I have the same question. I have an animal crossing limited edition switch here, totally gutted that it had a dead pixel. I decided to solve this myself… Bought a new LCD and digitizer. Only to find out that it is impossible to find a working digitizer… I have been through 5 digitizers, none of them working in the middle of the screen. The old digitizer works flawless. Another lottery of getting compatible parts it seems… Can anyone help or give advice on what to do?