Nintendo switch displays on tv while docked for a minute then goes blank

Hey, so I just swapped out the old USB-C ports on a switch (non oled) I got that didn’t display anything to a tv while docked. I checked around the pi3usb and nothing seemed to be shorted around that so i decided to go with replacing the usb c port. I got it all replaced and believe all the contacts got soldered to the board (but maybe not?). I set the switch into the dock after a first boot and it displays as it should for maybe a minute or two but then cuts out but still shows the green light on the dock. I can turn the switch off, unplug the battery, plug the battery back in, turn the switch on, dock it and it does the same as before. It will display for a minute and then go black with the docks light green. Anyone have any idea what the culprit is? Or what parts of the board I should probe around on? Any help would be appreciated because I’m at a loss for what to try.