Nintendo Switch dock - no display and charging, shorted green testpoint number 12

Hi there,

I recently got broken Nintendo Switch dock. The device’s fault is that it won’t dock or charge my console (Switch itself is ok). When I attach a power cable, dock’s green diode blinks once (which is a normal behaviour) and nothing else happens. I started measuring the PCB according to a testpoints found here on the forum and all of them shows proper values in diode test, except a green one with number 12 - my multimeter reads 4 mV (instead of 450 mV) and 1.7 Ohm here. Because some components are covered with EMI shield, I decided to remove it and do more measurements but unfortunantely, I didn’t find anything suspicious in this area. Does anyone have any idea what might be faulty here or where does mentioned testpoint goes? None of the components seems to be damaged, so I suspect STDP2550 chip. The only problem is that this module is responsible for HDMI output. If the chip was broken, shouldn’t the console at least be charging?

I’m waiting impatiently for your responses.

Best regards!