Nintendo Switch Does not turn on and with noise on MaxX77620a

Hello everybody.

In advance I apologize for being a noob in many things, I bought a broken Nintendo Switch and for hobby I’m trying to fix it.

This console doesn’t turn on, it doesn’t show any sign of life, but I’ve already tested the battery, and it’s good, but every time I connect the board to power, a power short noise starts to sound directly from the Max77620a chip region, it’s intermittent until I disconnect it.

Making the measurements I noticed three capacitors right next to the chip that are shorted.
The three with values ​​of 1 Ohm respectively.

Here on the forum I could see through other topics that they hardly give a problem, and normally these shorts are just an indication of a problem in the chip itself, but I didn’t see anyone reporting about the short circuit noise, which for me is fine relevant.

Have you seen similar cases?

Are these capacitors worth a try to replace or are they pointing to a symptom of a problem with the MaxX77620a itself and should I order a new chip for the replacement?

I would start by measuring resistance to ground at each of the inductors around he chip.