Nintendo Switch dont Turn On

I bought a damaged Nintendo Switch console. The seller wrote that the console was freezing on the Nintendo logo, and then it stopped turning on.
I connected the charger, the meter showed 0.4A slow charge, fast charge did not start. I was charging the console all night. The meter showed over 4000mAh exactly as the battery has. Unfortunately, nothing showed on the LCD screen while charging. The console would not start. I checked the capacitors on the motherboard, there were no short circuits. Coil is also fine. Fuse is OK. No signs of liquid damage. The battery was 3.8V. I tried holding the on button for 12 seconds. but nothing happened. Recovery Mode also failed to start the console. The console remains dead.
I have already ordered a new Video chip and m92t36 and a USB port, but I doubt that replacing them will help.
If you have any ideas please help.

Have you tried to fully charge up the battary on an external charger?
If you plug in a usb cable, does 4-5v reach the bq charging chip on both usb orientations? (in the middle are mosfets and then a trace with testpoint that goes to that chip)

You could try to remove the mt chip and use a full battary, if it is really broken the console should start up with a error message; if not the issue is somewhere else

I was able to run Hekate. the problem is I don’t know what to do next.
Is there any way to fix the soft?

You can try and start linux, if you don’t have wifi / bt the wifi chipset is broken because it can cause this issue with no boot iirc

Are the battery stats somehow wierd in hekate?

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