Nintendo Switch Error Code 2101 - 0001

Hey Guys,
so i got the Error Message from the Topic on my Switch Lite and it doesnt charge.
I wanted to make a Topic there i show my exact problem with pictures and everything , but i cant post pictures or links at the moment.
So my Question until i can create a better Topic is:
How exactly can i check for shortages on the board?
I tried putting one end of my multimeter on a grounded part ( usb c adapter) and the other one on the ends of the capacitors multimeter on continuity with beeping.
So do i need ground(beep) on one end of the capacitor and no ground(beep) on the other side? Is something wrong if it beeps on both sides or doesnt beep on neither?
And how do i check the chips (eg. M92) for shortages or other problems?

Greetings and Thanks in Advance :slight_smile:

Hi! Yes you are looking for caps that beep on both sides. That would imply a short. If you find one let us know which one it is.

Ok, so the one you have marked red was fine, it should not be connected to ground. Bottom left in green is the current sense resistor, and on my boards has 1 ohm to ground both sides.

Your issue is a direct short from vcc to ground, that is the usb input voltage. I would take a careful look at the usb port to see if there are any bent pins in it.