Nintendo Switch Fan not spinning

Have a NS with a fan not spinning. original fan is shorted between GND and 5v.
I replaced the fan with a new one and that also isnt spinning. so i tested the fan with a 5v power supply and it spins.

attach a picture with some voltages and diode mode readings. also the previous owner had replaced the resistor near the screen fpc as shown in the picture with a cap. i put back the resistor ~2.2k.
cant remember the voltages on pin 1 and 3, can take voltage measurements again if needed.

what else can i check?

also can some post the resistor values of marked purple and blue square.


also i’m looking for the component below as it soldered the wrong way round and i lost it after i removed it.

I had a similar sitiuation. The resistor on top on rhe fan conector that you replace with a cap. I just remove that all together and did not replace. I have boards that dont have that resistor stock.

i’ll try removing the resisor. just waiting for delivery for the mosfet. I didnt replace the resistor with a capacitor, bought the switch like that. also that mofset was put the wrong way round. it’s a 3pin mosfet (gate and source were connected to drain, drain was connected to both gate and source)

drain pin is connected to pin 1 on fan connector and that resisor above it and the trace goes to the back of the board.

is it possible for you to measure pin 1 in diode mode?