Nintendo Switch Flashes Nintendo and Freezes on Charge Symbol

Hi! I hope everyone is safe and healthy right now. I recently got a ‘broken’ Nintendo Switch off of eBay and it is weird. It will only charge on one side and when it is plugged in it will flash the green charging symbol on the top left corner of the screen. Then if the power button and the volume buttons are held down the Nintendo logo will flash but that is it.
I took the entire thing apart and cleaned it. I plugged everything back into the motherboard and the problem persists. The charge port is burnt on the bottom so I will be replacing that. When it is plugged in the Switch shows an icon in the top left corner of the screen with a green battery. I left it charging over night before I took it apart and the battery was almost at full when I unplugged it an replugged it in in the morning. When the volume and power buttons are held while the device is plugged in the Nintendo logo will briefly appear on the screen. Here are some pictures of everything:

Any help is appreciated!! I can send pictures if you want.

FYI the MT92T36 chip is not shorting… is it a battery issue?