Nintendo Switch Graphical Artefacts and crashes

Hi all.

I have a nintendo switch which when in the menus, behaves absolutely normally. Video playback from eshop, normal, however load a high intensity game and we get graphical artefacts. And software crashes with (An error occurred) usually followed by a corrupt data check which never finds any problem.

The graphical glitches occur maybe 60% of the time a game is loaded, other times, it works perfectly no problems.

I was wondering what could cause the problem and potential solutions. I thought maybe ram? So I chose to heat the ram as a reflow attempt but no such luck.

Any thoughts, anyone seen this before?

Maybe CPU/SOC Problem?
You Could try to reflow it as well, if you feel safe to work on it.

Graphic glotches are normally caused by RAM or SOC

Hi @zyrex.

Good idea - I will. If you were reflowing the SoC and RAM, what temperature, and for how long would you go for.

I have used no tip, about 6/10 air power and around 350C in the past for around 60 seconds, moving constantly from about 2-3cm above the chip?


I have also one with graphical errors, but the reflow didn’t fixed it unforunatelly.
Maybe you have more luck.

350c is a bit low, would take very long.

Best is to preheat the board with 200c for a Minute, then increasing the temp in 20c steps every 20-30 seconds, I normally stop at around 440