Nintendo Switch HAC-001 Missing components

When i was trying to hack my Nintendo switch with the picofly chip I accidentally removed a capacitor or a resistor, I don’t know what it would be but I need to know what value it has because no technical service will repair my Nintendo Switch.

I can’t send an image in this post but it is above the cpu on the board to the right of the connector

You can upload your image at an hoster and share the link. Add a character in front of the link (_http…) or insert as code.

Oh tysm _https photos app goo gl/WuASeg7aMPZL9Fm48

both small resistors are 4.7k ohm.
Very top big one is diode, I dont think you broke that LOL.

Tysm the diode is fine i kicked of one of the resistors and the switch doesn’t turn on anymore