Nintendo Switch HAD-CPU-01 Only charging to 88%, tried another battery too


I have a Switch HAD-CPU-01 and the history is unkown, but all functions seem to work, apart from it will only charge the battery to 88%, i have tried with another battery but this also only chargers to 88%, i also power cycled the battery and this didnt help. is this pointing to a motherboard fault?

Any help would be great

I dont know the answer, but the switch I’m looking at had been causing me issues with thinking a full battery was only 2% charged after swapping out a broken fuel gauge. I have so far swapped it out again, and it is worse, so I’m no closer to working it out but it could be similar? If I work it out, I will let you know.

ok, i can inspect the area around the fuel gauage and compare readings to Calvins diode map