Nintendo Switch help with some measurements needed

Hey guys,

a while back I got a Switch that’s in really bad shape (burning marks around the battery connector, water damage indicator removed with sticky residue left by presumably a sugary liquid and the USB port removed with 3 pads torn). Now I’m trying to get it to turn on. I was able to repair the battery charging part of the board so now it charges the battery if I inject voltage at the Pin 1 of BQ24193. Now my new problem is getting the charge port voltage to this chip.

I already changed the M92T36 but that didn’t help. At this point, I believe one of the FETs under the M92T36 is faulty and is also killing my M92T36.

I would very much appreciate it if someone would be willing to measure the voltage at Pin 25 of M92T36 on a working Switch. I unfortunately already went through both of my remaining M92T36s before I realized what might be going on.

On a related note… Does anyone know where SBU1 Pin of the USB C port goes on the motherboard (it’s one of the torn pads, the other ones being ground and one of the D+ or D- which are all easy to jumper)? Please don’t tell me it goes straight to the CPU :confused:

Thank you for help and have a nice day :slight_smile: