Nintendo Switch Lite First Look

Here are the pics that I talked about in my YT video. I’m just getting started on this post and I’ll be adding more pics as I get more. Let me know if you have an questions or comments!

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What did Nintendo do so the Switch Lite wouldn’t output HDMI using the dock?

Looks like they totally removed a bunch of the circuitry that would make that work. There’s no video chip on the board anywhere

Anyway to add one from a donor Switch?

Is the battery glued in like the normal Switch? It always makes me cringe watching you take the batteries out, i always think they are going to burst into flames.

Whats the sound quality like from those speakers? are they louder than the normal Switch?

Hello, you make great videos. The pictures are very good quality looking. Have you consider doing this for ps4, Xbox, and other consoles.

Have a great day, jstok84.

No…the circuitry is not even there

Yes, it’s glued in. I haven’t even started it up yet! It’s still apart from the teardown video!

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Thanks! I don’t plan on doing it for the other consoles as there are lots of pics out there by now but I’ll probably do it for the next generation of consoles.

Good to know, I bet there will lots of fake videos showing that it does work.

I noticed something interesting: there’re 2 data lines near top right corner of USB connector without inductors (side A). On FCC teardown pictures, they are populated…

Also, what’s that IC on top center on A side? It doesn’t seem to have counterpart on std switch. I’m not able to read label…

What’s the part number the m92t36 chip on the swtch

@Letchworthelectronic That’s the charge chip. Common failure point. M92T36 is the part number

I really enjoy your videos Steve! I was just wondering if the LCD and digitizer ribbon cables on the normal or updated Switch were the same size as the connectors on the Switch lite. I doubt they are the same, but I can’t tell from just pictures online. I’m sure I’m not the first to think about the possibility of installing a normal Switch LCD into the housing of a Switch Lite (barring any physical limitations that would require more extensive housing modifications) but I couldn’t find anything about it online yet. It did look like the smaller backlight ribbon cable is on the opposite side of the normal/big LCD, but maybe that could be rectified with some kind of DIY extended ribbon cable mod so that it reaches the appropriate connection in the Lite mobo. Sorry for the long post, but just something I was curious about. Thanks again!

I’m not 100% sure on the ribbon cables but the screens are a different size anyway so there’s no way the larger Switch screen would fit into the lite. The digitizer connector is definitely different.