Nintendo Switch Lite: Missing Cap

Hi, I was trying to figure out the reason for a short on 2 caps next to the m92t36 chip, and some events happened which led to me blowing off the capacitor (or lack of) shown in the picture (htt ps:// Does anyone know the value of this cap?

PS: I am aware there is another cap missing near the m9 chip, but i have the values for that and I’m going to order a replacement.

likely is input cap 4.7uF from datasheet

what is the worst thing that could happen if I put that cap on and its the wrong one?

wrong/different value of cap does not much but if lower voltage rate than designed spec, it might cause a short in long run.

ok thank you! I will respond here with an update as to if it worked. Just to clarify, it is the 0402 series in 6.3v?

I found these two: ht tps://

ht tps://

which one is the correct one?

I also want to make sure this is the right 6.3v 0402 capacitor:

ht tps://