Nintendo Switch Lite, need some help with this component, need the value and which one to order

Hi all,
The value on this reads 0 ohms. What is the correct value here and where can I order it?

Well, can’t include links in my post and can’t upload images…sooooo I guess send me a message if you want to see the image…

You measure 0 ohm by probing it both side or 0 ohm resistance to ground?

This is a inductor, so 0 0hm across it is normal

según la placa debe medir 0.095 omh pasando del capacitor de arriba debe esta la misma lectura en los dos terminales puedes ponerlo de alguna placa de donante la mayoría son común …

Can you circle the capacitor I need to measure? thanks

You were right, it fell right off the board while I was cleaning it.

era de esperar por la oxidacion que tenia en los borde
las bobinas las puedes buscar cerca donde estan los ic +MAX77…

Strangely enough, the unit turned on! It’s actually working without that component!
Do you think its necessary to order a replacement?

input capacitor is 4.7uF from

MAX8969EWL50 datasheet