Nintendo Switch Lite - no display

The console works to some degree because I can navigate the home screen, press buttons etc and hear sound. However the screen is black. The only damage I can see is the pictured ribbon cable on the smaller motherboard side. I also noticed a bit of residue under the DPAD. And cleaned it up.

I have already fully torn down the switch lite and replaced the screen but the issue persisted, so it must be an issue with something else.

Any idea if I should replace the left motherboard under the DPAD?
Has anyone had something simmilar?

The left motherboard, and the long ribbon cable is for the backlight. If any of these are damaged, you won’t see anything on the screen

Thanks for the reply.

I am going to order a new ribbon cable, do you know the part number of the chips above the charging port? My understanding is that through liquid or other damage a short was caused and if I just get a new ribbon then the short will not be resolved, and one of the black or gray square ICs regulates the voltage for the backlight

This is what it looks like btw
Imgur hipUN9D

I think it might be TPS61163AYFFR

Well you can easily test for a short with the ribbon disconnected using a meter (battery/power removed) and later test backlight voltages after

But first I think you should address the obvious fault on the ribbon, you can clearly see the breaks in the traces due to corrosion/scorching. You can clean up, then solder fine wire accross the breaks or if you don’t feel comfortable doing that, then you can just order a new ribbon cable

Worry about the other potential issues after you’ve got the ribbon sorted, who knows there may be none :slight_smile:

If you want you can add a pic of the opposing connecter and backlight driver and circuitry