Nintendo switch lite no power and no shorts

Hi everyone,

I’m hoping someone can help as Ive never encountered this issue before. I bought a nintendo switch lite off ebay its a pink coral one and was described as water damaged with no power. When i bought it and opened it up it had a little corrosion on the board nothing drastic. I tried to charge it and it wouldnt charge. so i assumed maybe the water got into the port and shorted the port and the m92 however it hadn’t i cleaned up the board with IPA and magically enough it allowed the board to charge and turn on again… how weird the wonders of IPA… I used it for the night to ensure it still functioned and everything worked and it was fine the next day i came to turn it on and it didnt power on again. just 0. no amps on the amp meter. So i replaced the charger port and the m92 and still no power. I also replaced the BQ24 and still no power. Just 0. I cant think what else to try as anytime ive ever had a no power issue its always been a m92 or charger port issue.

I have a power supply but i dont know how to inject voltage to see if any components get hot. Does anyone else know what i could try.
Im starting to think that somehow the CPU is now dead do you all think the same or?

Have the same issue - Any advice ???

Injecting voltage can be usefull if you have found a shorted line. If a Switch is not taking any amps, check the fuse and check if 5V from a 5V source (not the 15V Nintendo power supply) is reaching m92t36 and bq.