Nintendo Switch Lite - No shorts found 0.03A without battery when with battery 0.00A

This one is quite odd. I’ve got Nintendo Switch Lite HDH-CPU-02.
Basically console shows no signs of life at all.
When on charge

  • with battery connected shows 0.00A
  • with battery disconnected shows 0.03A

Upon opening I’ve discovered some sort of a jelly top of charging port shield. Port has been cleaned and I went with multimeter to find shorts. No shorts have been found. Nothing near the M92T36 or near BQ24198.

I am testing on 5V charger. On testing pads I’ve got 5V. Near M92T36 there is 5V present as well, pin 5 of M92T36 shows 5V, pin 6 however around 0.250V.

Any ideas what could it be?

Do me a favour put the charge on the switch again and look at the home button, do you see a blue/white light flickering or turning on and off again?

Actually I’ve just got that sorted today.

There was basically no shorts to the ground but the battery IC BQ24193 was faulty anyway. Changed it today for the new one and works perfectly fine again.

But out of curiosity what would it be if the home button will be flickering?

I honestly don’t know myself I got a faulty switch lite with a flickering home button and a high pitched noise coming from it with when I put it on charge

Sounds to me like a short somewhere. Send us some photos of the board

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