[Nintendo Switch Lite] Shorted Diode next to fuel gauge IC

I’ve received a Switch Lite board with a curious issue, a shorted diode which is located to the right of the fuel gauge IC.

In diode mode, it measures .001V both ways.
All of the 3 caps around fuel gauge have a normal reading, no shorts.
Removed the component and tested the spot, only one of them beeps, which tells me it’s a component issue. I tested the component’s legs and they’re shorted.
Then, I removed another diode from a spare board that was testing good, soldered it onto this board and now it’s shorted again!

What could be causing the short?
Any help is appreciated.

its not shorted, that’s a current sense resistor i believe.

Oh I must’ve confused it then, maybe because of the UNDERLINED number on it.
Anyway, it’s acting like a wire on this board; In diode mode, it gives me .001V drop, no matter the order of the probes. Is that expected behavior?

yes, to confirm one of my known working lite boards gave me a similar reading on both polarities.

Besides the false positive for a short on this passive, you never mentioned any other problem that you are trying to solve. Is this board non functional, what was the issue it came to you with?

I got it from Ebay “for parts or not working”.
It came with no BQ, no M92, no daughterboard connector, no resistor, and no capacitor (the ones that sit behind such connector). I’ve soldered all of those components onto this board, which doesn’t display anything and it’s stuck at 0.43A. So no display, no sound, nada. I guess there’s no point looking for a short since it draws .43A so I’m running out of ideas. Where to go from here?

where do you go? you take the board, place it into the donor pile, and move onto another project. Sounds like you bought a donor board that someone harvested off the parts they needed and resold it on ebay. You have a .4a braindead board which could really be the result of many different problems. I would place a good bet on the fact that this is a BSOD board which someone grabbed parts off of before recouping some losses on their own purchase.

I would be very leery of consoles that look like they have been worked on by others, I would absolutely pass on buying boards where parts have already been harvested. Ebay is such a crapshoot with what you get, you’re gonna get skunked at some point, but if the seller outright deceived and hid this infr from you, ebay may be able ot help get your money back.