Nintendo Switch Lite Splash Screen

Hi Guys,

i have a nintendo switch lite which unfortunately does not boot up or at least this is what i do assume.
On power on im able to see the nintendo splash screen for few seconds after it dissapears and nothing else happens. I have tried to reset the device but i cant get the device to fully boot up and have no clue where the problem could be.

How can i fix this problem ?


Does it go into the recovery mode where you can reset it?

Then it could be the BQ charging chip which could be broken or the wifi module

No it doesn’t go into recovery mode so i don’t have the option to reset the device. Simply the nintendo logo appears and after few seconds disappears and that’s that. I have tried to reflow the Nvidia Tegra chip, the eMMC, RAMs nothing worked till now. Would it be an option to somehow connect it to the PC and maybe download a stockfirmware and refresh the eMMC with it ?

Is it a unpatched unit (rcm bug)?

Then you could try to start hekate & linux and check that the wifi module, charger, etc. works
Without a working wifi module the console doesn’t go past the nintendo logo iirc

Reflowing everything can cause (more) problems so i would first check some components and load up hekate if possible before i do that

I don’t know the status of the unit since I’ve bought like this on eBay. I will try to have look at hekate & linux .

Hi there!
Did you manage to solve the issue? I am having a similar issue with a switch lite I bought on ebay