Nintendo Switch Lite Stuck at Nintendo Logo

Hello guys, i bought a nintendo switch used for parts, i manage to fix it and it was working but the sd card reader was not. So i oppened it again and did some cleaning, after that the console only shows nintendo brand logo and then it flashes battery indicator full or almost full a couple of times, wont go past that. I noticed that around the MAX77812 chip there are 2 caps shorting. Do you have any ideas to start? I already removed the MAX77812 chip but the shorts persists on those mentioned caps.

OBS: There are no shorts around BQ241 and MT92T36 chips that are common to fail.

Some additional info. I bought my switch lite used, the previous owner tried to install the modchip but failed and sold for parts. I managed to get it working, after removing the modchip and cleaning the device. I noticed that one of the Tegra caps had bad connection to the chip and i somehow manage to get the switch working. I played a couple hours on it and the motherboard looks good. After a day it stop working, and is showing the nintendo 1st logo and then flashes a couple of time the battery indicator. Funny thing is i only get this sign of life when i plug in the wall charger. After some digging i know this problem is probably due to the tegra capacitor and i need to work on it and properly solder it back to its place.

I have some questions:

  1. How one should solder that small cap back to the Tegra chip? I tried with 420C and it is not staying put, im afraid to put more heat and somehow damage the APU.

  2. What is the value of the Tegra cap that people solder the modchip on (Switch Lite), is it 0210 0.1uf or 0210 1uf?

Same cap of this image bellow
www. tronicsfixforum. com/uploads/db3735/original/2X/4/4cf2d2b0cb0d52623d7b4caa479ca6d6781688cb.jpeg

Thanks in advance