Nintendo switch M92T36

I have replaced this chip prior and got the switch to boot and working fine. Charged using 5v usb cable drawing only 0.9a power through, not fast charging.

I have plugged in a official switch charger today and seen to have blown the M92T36 caps shorting around chip again. And get an error 2101-0001.
Shorts go when taken off again.

Any help please. Usb c port is untouched and like new no other obvious shorts.

Where you able to get correct reading on every pins on the m92 in diode mode?

My first couple m92 replacement had one or two pins that’s weren’t making contact with the chip

To be honest I replaced the chip and turned the switch on and it worked so I didn’t do readings on the chip. Have we got a diagram to what they should be reading as I will order and replace the chip again