Nintendo switch missing resistor and capacitor

So I borrowed a picture for mark up what I’m missing can someone help as I’m pretty sure the 1# is 0201 100kohm but I might be wrong. And could anyone explain to a dumb dumb what all those numbers mean on each part as just typing them into google doesn’t give much results

Not sure about those parts right now, but all the numbers on these images are the expected diode-mode reading at that point on a working board… assuming you have the same multimeter as Calvin.

So you telling me every multimeter shows different readings? Thanks about the numbers explanation. I’m new to all this so any information you can share I’m gladly will read and learn everything.

Any suggestions on what multimeter should I get for these type of jobs if there is so much difference to them?

I mean, there shouldn’t be a huge difference, but it is often best to get an idea what your neter shows on a working board, as there will be some differences. As for good brands, dont know really.

Thanks mate for all the info, if got anything to add I’m gladly will listen. Bought bad flux didn’t remove the video chip but removed those 2 parts now need to replace them too😂