Nintendo switch no charge no shorts

Sorry if my english is bad im not a naitive speaker.

I have a switch hac 001 (battery improved model) it doesnt boot or charge no amps. I check the mt92 chip and their are no short around the cappacitors same for the pb chip at the rear end of the board for the hdmi output also the chip near the battery connector. The type C connector looked damaged and ive taken it off. There are also no shorts near the rear of apu. Only issue is the emmc/nand memory (not sure if they called the same. Its the big green board with black chip below display connector) is loose and might be the incorrect one for the switch. I use working v1 switch and mesured components listed above and no shorts but i swap emmc and the device doesnt boot but it charges when using the v2 emmc chip. Anyone who has any idea if this can be fixed or point me in good direction i would appreciate.

Thanks for your time