Nintendo Switch no display from Dock

Hi all,

I’ve have many issues with a Switch, and finally the only remaining problem is that there is no display when in docked mode.

Some facts:

  • The USB C port has never been replaced and looks great, so I don’t believe it is this.
  • One of the original problems was with the LCD connector, it had an internal short due to bent pins and was scorching hot. I have replaced this connector and now the LCD displays correctly. (Q: could the previous short have damaged anything on the Switch to do with its dock mode?)
  • The dock responds correctly - green light, hdmi channel, green light on. (but no signal).
  • The dock itself is fine (works with another switch).

Is there a check list to go by when dealing with the external display? It’s not like you can easily measure anything while it is docked so I’m wondering what people do when diagnosing…

Thanks for any tips!!

They check the PI3USB ic on Side-A for good connections at the pins, check for correct voltages, check the five filters for continuity and check the continuity threw the usb c port with a breakout board. :wink: