Nintendo Switch no display, missing capacitors

Hi all, this site looks like an amazing resource, and before coming across it I thought there was zero hope of repairing a Switch which I recently obtained. This switch has had a bad LCD connector installed which I have removed and intend to replace. I have done some testing while waiting for a replacement connector as I figured it should work on the dock - however it does not!

when in handheld mode I can hear the menu and the backlight is working.

Upon inspection on the reverse side of the lcd connector has had too much heat and a bunch of the capacitors are missing. there are 3 diodes which I have straightened but no sign of the caps. I have inspected the whole board and this seems to be the only problematic looking area. Is this area part of the display output? I have been looking for a board view and schematics which I don’t think exist to us.

Here is the area in question, I have labelled the missing caps A to J. If anyone is able to assist by letting me know what these capacitors are I would be forever grateful.

I will include the picture attachments below as I’m not currently allowed to post images, probably because I am new

Thank you very much!

switch reverse


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Calvin you are a legend!

A = 1.0 uF
B = 1.0 uF
C = 2.7 uF
D = 2.5 uF
E = 2.6 uF
F = 2.6 uF
G = 2.5 uF
H = 2.5 uF
I = 2.5 uF
J = ? (just outside of your view)

Do you happen to know if component J is also a 2.5 microfarad?

Wow, thank you so much for this! So much more than I expected - super appreciated.

Does anyone know if capacitors 2.2 UF with 20% tolerance would be suitable for all these capacitors from 2.5 UF to 2.7 UF. (I have old macbook donor boards which have plenty of 2.2 UF 0402 caps.)

And if anyone can confirm what component [J] is from the photo, that would be great too!

Oops… I missed a cap…
J = 2.6 µF

It could be that the caps around 2.5 µF are all the same. My measurements with the multimeter are not so accurate.

Thank you again for confirming that last component, I really appreciate you taking the time investigating this for me!! I suspected it would be similar but as it is sat a little further away I just wanted to be sure :slight_smile:

This weekend I’ll try it with 10V (20%) 2.2UF capacitors and see how it goes


My pleasure. You are the lucky guy to ask for this values while I m measuring all caps and resistors for trying to make something like a boardview for the Switch. :wink:

schematic diagram nintendo switch
have you?

Best regard Calvin. Do you have the schematic for the Switch?