Nintendo switch - no display with dock

Hi there!

I’m a complete novice trying to use my free time stuck in this lockdown (after work and at weekends) to try and fix a broken Nintendo Switch.

Long story short I have now replaced the USB C port, replaced the battery as it wasn’t accepting a charge and replacing the LCD and touchscreen as the backlight was broken.

The switch now works as it should have used the device for the last week, works perfectly fine and charges, however! Last night I thought I’d try and connect it to the tv with the dock…

The dock was plugged into the tv and power, slid the console in and powered on, the green light shows but the tv remains blank.

I tried a second dock that I have and that was the same, I then tried another switch and worked straight away…

Any ideas on where are should start looking???

My initial thought is that there may be an issue with the USB C port but the more I think the more I don’t think it is…

Any advise/help would be massively appreciated.
(I tried to attached some photos for reference but wouldn’t allow me to create the topic)

Thank you in advance!!


With really high probability it is the soldering of the usb c port. The hidden pins underneath the port are tricky.

So are the pins underneath what allow you to make a connection with the dock?

The switch charges with a normal plug and also the dock recognises the switch is it there and the green light will display.

Kind of thought if the USB C plug wasn’t in properly I would have issues charging.

Just this week I repaired 2 Switchs with the same issue. Somebody attempted to replace the usb port. Both of them was charching in both directions but non of them was docking. One of the case it was enough to reflow the usb port from the bottom and pressing o the port. Case of the other one I had to replace the usb port because it was already molten. And yes, the pins under the port are going to the other side of the board to the p13usb ic via the filters. Try to reflow the usb port from the bottom. I this case when you see that solder on the visible pins are melted you can be sure that the pins underneath are also. Press on it during this process and hope for the bests. I hope it helps.

There are two rows of pins at the usb c port. A1-A12 are the vissible pins at the port and B1-B12 are the hidden pins. In the picture you can see that the pins are divided in two parts by the white line. Each part has pins in both rows. If I didn t mix the sides up, for docking the Switch in the original Dock you will need B1-B8 & A9-A12. If one of the additional usb c lines (SBU2, TX2-, TX2+, RX2-, RX2+) are missing, the dock will not output a picture to the tv.

I would check at the pi3usb ic its pins for correct diode mode readings (no battery, no power supply, red probe on ground, black probe on the pins you like to measure). If so I would check for continuity through the filters (from top to down and no continuity from left to right).