Nintendo Switch no display

Hey guys. First off I do want to start with I am VERY new to board repair and am just taking a deep dive in this one to see if I can get this working.

I have a Nintendo Switch that had water damage. It does power on and does get a proper charge after cleanup, but I have no display. The only thing I can see shorted is this piece I have circled in red near the display connector. It’s the only short I can see, no shorts near the video chip either. Does anyone know where this piece leads to or any way I can diagnose this further? Any help would be appreciated. Please let me know if there is information you guys need and I would be able to provide it! Thank you so much :slight_smile:

Forum doesn’t let me post links to images or let me upload images bit it’s the big cap right next to the display connector.

If You mean one of the big components. This are no caps.

I would check the backlight circuit on the backside:

Much appreciated for this reply Calvin!

As stated earlier I am stupid new to board repair but the component outlined in orange with 2 green sides in the first picture, that is the component I am talking about. Forgive the stupid question but is it supposed to be shorted on both sides? If so I can knock that off my list and go right to checking the backlight circuit. I will report back with my findings! Thank you!

Wow Alright! I feel like a dork but learned a lot! So while checking the backlight circuit it came to my attention that I should maybe check the backlight cable. Sure enough it is partly missing part of the pad on the ribbon cable. I can assume that is the only issue as I see the backlight circuit has no signs of physical damage at all. Thank you, Calvin!

Everything is fine. No learning without asking questions. :wink:
I measured the components in diode mode and every value below around 0.020V is displayed as ground. So I have same coils or pads which seems to be ground but aren t.

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