Nintendo Switch No Dock No LCD Image

Hey all,
So, I’m not BRAND new to repairs and I’ve got a few successful repairs under my belt but this is confusing me.

I have a nintendo switch I bought in a job lot from Ebay (the seller removed all Emmc and mixed them up so it’s been a nightmare). This switch I was able to match properly. It will start up, digitizer works, backlight works, and sound works BUT there is no video on the LCD or output to the TV. I get the green light on the dock… Charges perfectly fine.

I’ve inspected the LCD connector and even replaced it (multiple times) and checked each pin for a good solder joint. I replaced P13 just to be sure but nothing has worked. Does anyone have some help they can offer. So far out of 10 consoles only 2 switch lites have been salvaged but still have minor issues. Thank you in advance!!

Is this an unpatched switch, if so, can you boot into hekate? When the emmc modules were switched they may of burned fuses so that the Switch now has a higher fuse count that doesn’t match the firmware on the correct emmc module. If you can get into hekate, try to launch sysnand cfw, as far as I understand, hekate bypasses the fuse count check.

Thank you for the response I am slow to respond. I ran through everything and ended up pulling P13 off because I noticed on my other chips from that tape they had oxidation on the contacts. I tinned the chip, replaced it and got it going! Now on to these other switches. I’ve SLOWLY been making progress on this lot but have resorted to multiple consoles being used for parts. Thank you again!

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