Nintendo switch no image

Hi folks

Like the title says, Initially the device didn’t have image, turned it was a backlight connector problem. I shone light into the LCD there was clear image, only dark

After soldering new BL connector, the backlight works perfectly. Here is the big F up. During plugging lcd connector, I bent some pins unknowingly.

Put it back together, turned it on, surprised, backlight is on but there is no image now. Well, sort off. I i see carefully there is faint image resembling normal one, but only on right part on the screen albeit really hard to make it out.

Sadly I don’t have another lcd nor board to test. Is there a way to find out whether the damage is on motherboard side (power circuit, lvds, etc ) or LCD has given up it’s ghost ?


Did you bend the lcd pins back in to place? I would still assume its the connector at fault and replace it.

Oops forgot to add.

The faint image happens with the newly replaced good new lcd connector.

With previous bent lcd connector there was no image at all

Ah, ok, i would start with checking every pin is solid and that there are no bridges. If you are getting any image at all i would expect the power to it to be ok… Have you also checked the cable fir damage?

I am confident with the solder quality

About the cable, this is a tricky one…

Btw I gave up already.