Nintendo switch no power after picofly install

Hello all,
Yesterday I installed picofly to the lite and was able to create the nand backup, create partitions and also install some games using dbi. All was perfect until today.

Yesterday I left the switch with the screen off and today the screen was black, I could here the sounds of the SO when pressing arrows but nothing was shown on screen. Then I forced a turn off pressing the power button until the screen turns off.

Until then no more power. I have opened the switch to see if any connection is wrong and everything seems okay.

I have seen that after disconnecting the battery and repluging it again the picofly will flash for 1 second then it will stay off.

I have removed all the flex pcbs of the picofly installation and cleaned everything to see if the switch now boots but nothing.

I have testes that the battery can charge and it is now at 4.02 V. Also I have measured the 3.3V line and is OK.

Note: I am a hardware engineer but I am a bit lost as I don’t know this board. If anyone has some reference of the expected voltages o resistance on the test point this will be helpful.

I have used a thermal camera to see if there is any Hotspot and I can see a subtle heating of this components(close to the 3.3v of picofly) but not sure if shorted. (can’t upload photo)

I have measured the cpu cap and they have around 12 ohm to gnd on one end and 0.2 on the other so they seem okai.

I suspect from a supply problem and maybe some ressetsble fuse triggering. But don’t know where they are.

I have to add that I am not sure if after deleting picofly the switch have to boot to original firmware. Today I plan to reinstall the picofly to see if I have some more info of the led signaling.

Hello, I have disassembled the board and checked the capacitors to see if everything is okay on the hardware side.

I can correctly measure the 3.3V and 1.8V and the battery seems to charge and work okay.

Si I have reinstalled the hwfly rp2040 and have updated the fw to the latest.

Now with the nef led error signaling I see **= No eMMc block 1 read.

Don’t know what this means. Any help?